VIZ Media recently sent me a copy of Dragon Ball – A Visual History which I was ecstatic about. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of the series and to be able to bring you a review thanks to VIZ is pure joy. The book was initially released in Japan back in 2013 and six years later, it finally got a U.S. release.

This book is a collection of art from the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z mangas, promotional art, sketches and more all packaged into a beautiful hard bound book. The color of the art is bright and jumps off the pages. The book clocks in at 240 pages and starts from the beginning of the series time line and ends at the film release of Battle of Gods (remember, this booked was initially released in 2013).

If you own some of the other Dragon Ball art books such as the The Complete Illustrations, you’ll see some of the same images but don’t let that deter you. There is enough content in this book to over look that. One of the coolest features of the book is that it has a gallery of every single manga cover from Dragon Ball and Z. This is now the third art book that features the work of series artist Akira Toriyama and this is by far the meatiest of the three.

The book currently sells on Amazon for just under $25 and at that price, it’s a bargain.