The latest Phoenix Fan Fusion newsletter has some good information in regards to getting into the convention center.

Here we go

Our number one priority is to provide all of you with a safe and secure event. As part of our improved security procedures, Phoenix Fan Fusion has streamlined the entrance process and reduced the number of entrances into the event. So that leaves the question… where do you go to get in?

We have two general attendee entrances. Each entry will be equipped with multiple lines during peak hours for those with bags. Specialty lines will be available for those without bags, with accessibility needs, wearing over-sized costumes, and for those with VIP credentials. 


  • North Entrance: At the corner of Monroe and 3rd Street
  • South Entrance: At the corner of Washington and 3rd Street

ADA Information

This year, there are multiple ADA drop-offs.

If you require assistance due to a disability, please go to any Redemption station at any entrance and a Crew member will be able to assist you.

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Note: Day of event reservations will NOT be accepted online. Day of reservations will be taken on-site ONLY and will be on a first come first served basis.