Well, here we are, nearing 2019 and what better way to start it than to complain about things right? Maybe not so much complaining, just pointing out things I’d like to see improved. You can read the 2018 version right here to see what was suggested then.

Unconventional Vendors

I don’t have a photo example as I’ve never been compelled to take one but what I mean by unconventional vendors are vendors who are selling services not related to pop culture at all. Vendors looking for potential customers who need lasik eye surgery, new toilets, and car insurance. I understand conventions need to fill the exhibit floor and probably welcome these kinds of vendors because cash is king but I’m always a little disappointed when I see them. Maybe offer a last minute vendor discount to attract vendors whose merchandise are related to pop culture.

Panel Room Mismanaging

More than a few times in 2018 did I end up in a panel that was standing room only and to find out other panel(s) at the same time was in a bigger room with half the crowd. Conventions that have been around the block, are not new, should have a firm grasp on what the crowds are and are not drawn to when it comes to panels. Its bad optics when a guest is put into a room that isn’t even half filled while a Star Wars fan panel that has a capacity of 75 has a dozen more people trying to get in.

Not a specific example, just used for effect 🙂

And Lastly…

It would have been pretty easy to put mystery boxes on here for a second year but I want to make this last one about you, yes you. What do you see at conventions that you would like to see conventions move away from? Tweet me or leave a comment on Facebook with some of your ideas and I will update this post with some of them.