I typically make it out to Tucson once a year and it is specifically for Tucson Comic-Con. The convention is has always been an enjoyable one for me as it still has the true comic convention feel to it. It hasn’t gone media guest wild, it is still about the comics, the art, and hand crafted merchandise. The convention is well attended and has a few different areas of note that attendees can enjoy. First is the exhibit hall which the meat and potatoes of the convention. The main hall way which is where you can find several cosplay groups with photo op set pieces as well as a smaller room that has a few more cosplay set pieces. There is an arcade area as well as a couple of panel rooms.

I know all of my recaps never follow the same format and with keeping up with that tradition, here are a few notes and thoughts on the convention.

– Where were the themed cars? In years past the convention has a few parked right outside of the entrance but this year they either did away with them or moved them else where on the outside of the convention center.

– The exhibit hall at Tucson Comic-Con is always one of my favorite to visit. There is usually a diverse selection of artists and vendors. With this being one of the last major conventions before the holidays, it is a great place to find those unique gifts for friends and families. Don’t believe me? Someone was selling a collection of necklaces with raccoon molars on them. Yes, raccoon molars.

– One thing that is kind of a mystery to me is that this convention seems heavily focused on comics and art but the guest list in regards to current high profile professionals from the comic industry seemed lacking this year.

– The cosplay turn out was pretty solid, it is usually a good turn out at this con and this year was no exception.

– I got there after opening but the bag check line and the line to pick up a badge were not existent which is great. In today’s world of conventions, lines to get in because of bag checks and security are always a worry because of the possible time it takes to get through.