Saboten Con kicks off next Friday at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix in Downtown Phoenix. It’s the largest anime convention in Arizona and there are plenty of things to do while attending (check out the panel listings!) As with any event downtown, parking can be a hassle. From not finding parking close enough or not wanting to shell out a small fortune over the course of four days, don’t let it ruin your con experience. Saboten Con has partnered with the Arizona Republic Garage to offer discounted parking, at the rate of $7 a day, Saturday – Monday (Friday is a normal working day so the garage will be utilized by AZ Republic employees as usual). The instructions to use the garage are as follows (straight from the Saboten website):

– Pull into the garage
– The attendant will give you a paper for parking at the location for the event (you may have to ask specifically for the Saboten Con rate paper)
– Bring this piece of paper to the convention and pay for the space at our registration booth on the 1st floor of the hotel (in the registration area, look for a sign that says PARKING).
NOTE: Hours of operation for this booth are from 11am to 8pm daily, we will NOT have hours after 8pm to redeem your parking so please plan accordingly to pay for your parking during these times.
– You will be given a new piece of paper to use to check out of the parking lot (make sure not to lose this as we cannot replace any lost papers). Please make sure to tell us if it’s more than one day (overnight) as you will need to pay for all days in advance.
URGENT: If you only pay for one day, but stay multiple days in the garage you will be charged the normal going rate from the garage when you check out (Currently $22/day)
NOTE: We cannot refund this payment as all received payments MUST be given to the garage per our agreed contract.

Here is the distance between the con and the parking garage










The other useful news is that cheap concessions will return to the convention. While there are a plethora of food options in and around the hotel, the concessions are probably your fastest and cheapest option:

Friday, 8/31 -3pm to 6pm
Saturday, 9/1 -12pm to 5pm
Sunday, 9/2 -12pm to 5pm
Monday, 9/3 -11:30am to 2pm

$1.00 each – Bottled Water
$2.00 each – Soda
$2.00 each – Assorted dry snack
$2.00 each – Candy Bars
$5.00 each – Sandwich
$6.00 each – Chef’s Daily Hot item