UPDATE: Backpacks are okay, they don’t need to be clear. Cosplay service animals are okay as well, the costume will need to be peace bonded

The incident from Phoenix Comicon last month is still having impact on conventions in and out of the state with Game On Expo being the latest convention. The full announcement below

Phoenix Convention Center’s Security Policy: 

Today we received the security policy from the Phoenix Convention Center which we wanted to share, and which Game On Expo will be complying with. We want to give everyone a heads up so you can plan accordingly. We greatly appreciate the cosplay community and everyone who who attends our show., and it’s extremely important to us that everyone who attends Game On Expo has a fun and safe experience. We understand that this might cause some inconveniences for some attendees, and appreciate everyone’s understanding and compliance as well. We look forward to seeing everyone August 11th-13th for a fantastic experience. http://gameonexpoaz.com/

The following policy is from the Phoenix Convention Center security team: 


All costume props and weapons must be inspected at the Peace Bonding station located in the main lobby.

At certain, due to crowd safety issues, attendees in oversized costumes may asked to leave the exhibit hall.

After your costume prop has been inspected, the prop will be tagged or zip-tied by security and a Phoenix Police Officer.

If you are not willing to comply with these policies, please do not attempt to enter show. 

Prohibited Items:

Firearms of any kind – includes BB-guns, cap guns, paintball/pellet guns, airsoft guns.

Replica firearms of any kind – includes reproductions of guns, toy guns, blaster, or other weapons that resemble a firearm.


Chainsaws or other gas powered prop.

Bladed metal or wooden weapons – includes axes, daggers, hatchets, knives, swords, pocket blades, ninja stars, and shields.

Explosives and chemical weapons – includes firecrackers and pepper spray.

Blunt weapons – includes wooden, plastic or metal bats, clubs, brass knuckles, mallets, martial arts weapons, whips, golf clubs, paddles or metal chains.


Selfie Sticks


At the discretion of security and Phoenix Police Officers, the following may be permitted: 

Plastic, fiberglass, or resin shields (metal shields must demonstrate no sharp edges).

Lightweight plastic, PVC props and light sabers; must be clearly and visibly a prop.

Bows that are not strung and incapable of shooting arrows; arrows must remain in the quiver, non-removable and have soft tips.

Plastic, resin, cardboard or foam, or foam rubber props.

Staffs made of plastic, resin, cardboard or foam, or foam rubber; must not exceed 6’ in length.


Other Safety Policies:

Clear bags or backpacks only

No wagons

Small folding umbrella strollers only

No cosplay for service animals


Any weapon sales must be in compliance with our weapons policy

All exhibitors shall enter through the back docks; all packages are subject to search.”

Most interesting is the over seized cosplay rule where if your cosplay is deemed oversized, you can be asked to leave the main hall. Also, it looks like if you have a bag or backpack, it will need to be clear according to the wording. What do you think of the new rules? Comment below.