Updated – Don’t Look Now But Phoenix Fan Fest Tickets Are On Sale! 

Update #2: From the Director of Marketing/Sales/PR of Phoenix Comicon

Update: Site was taken down, guess it wasn’t suppose to be public?

Get your wallets ready as tickets for Phoenix Fan Fest have quietly been put on sale. Only two options are currently listed: “Any Day Badge” for $40 and “Child” which is for ages 12 and under and Free. It’s not clear on if the “Any Day Badge” is the equivalent of a weekend badge but without the individual day badges available, it would seem that way. If any updates are made to badges, I’ll be sure to update this post. 

Badges will be coming with lanyards once again and will be shipped. Shipping for one badge is $12 and every badge added after that will be charged $6. For the budget conscious attendees, purchasing one Any Day Badge will run you $60 after shipping, taxes, and service fees.

Phoenix Fan Fest returns to the Phoenix Convention Center on November 11 – 12. For updates on Fan Fest make sure to follow Legion of Sand on Twitter


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