Fans of the Flagstaff anime convention will have to wait a little longer than normal for their next Kikori Con experience. It was announced today that the convention will be moving from November 2017 to February 23 – 25, 2018. The move comes in part to a schedule change to the North Pole Experience which is expanding its dates. No word on if this is a permanent change but it will probably depend on the North Pole Experience. For the announcement direct from Kikori, click here.

Also, no word on how this will effect Con-Nichiwa, an anime con in Tucson run by the same organizers of Kikori. With the conventions being a month apart, it will be interesting to see if Con-Nichiwa will also shift dates. Less not forget Taiyou Con which takes place in January in Mesa and you have 3 out of the 4 AZ anime cons in the first three months of the year.