Keen Halloween returned last year but with Phoenix Comicon as the managing firm. It apparently did not last long as this press release was just sent out. 

“Square Egg Entertainment says goodbye to Keen Halloween

Phoenix, AZ, March 27, 2017–Daniel and Dawna Davis, owners of Steam Crow, have resumed control of vintage Halloween event Keen Halloween. The Davises created Keen Halloween in 2012 and partnered with Square Egg Entertainment Inc., parent company of Phoenix Comicon, LLC, for Keen Halloween 2016.

Daniel and Dawna Davis will resume complete ownership and operation of Keen Halloween in 2017. Square Egg Entertainment is taking their shows in a different direction, but looks forward to the next spooky concoction from Steam Crow and Keen Halloween. Daniel and Dawna Davis continue to be an integral part of Phoenix Comicon and Square Egg Entertainment events.

Square Egg Entertainment Inc., the parent company of Phoenix Comicon seeks to create dynamic geek culture events that bring joy to its participants, fosters friendship among those who attend, and provides opportunities for skill development among its participants.”