This past Saturday was the Tempe Public Library Comicon, located at the corner of Rural and Southern in Tempe. The convention has been put on for a few years now but this was my first time attending which I decided after hearing much praise for last year’s show. This year, the con hosted 50 plus exhibitors that consisted of artists, local clubs, cosplayers, charities, and vendors. The exhibitors were spread through out the library campus with a main area designated for the costume contest.  

An addition to the exhibitors, a handful of panels were held inside of the library that included topics such as Marvel vs. DC and librarians in pop culture. A few of the pop culture vehicles were present as well as a couple of food trucks for all the hungry attendees. The con was well attended and a lot of attendees showed up in some really cool cosplay creations (I’m going to take this time to plug my recently created Instagram in which you can follow!). 

Not mentioned yet is the fact that this con is free to attend which is a huge appeal to many. Conventions can get pricey for a large family so this is a nice alternative that gives everyone a small, but enjoyable, sample of a larger convention. That’s the main thing to remember however, you can’t attend expecting a normal con experience. This is a free event put on by the city of Tempe for everyone to enjoy and if you go in with that mindset, you’ll more than likely enjoy it as well.