I wanted to write an article about the current Arizona convention community and give my opinions on it. After all, there has been a lot of changes with some of our favorite conventions and I wanted to talk about those that have impacted us the most. After giving it some thought, I thought it would be better to go to the people who put on these conventions and let them talk about the current state of Arizona conventions. I came up with five questions that I thought would cover some of the topics in the convention industry.

[Updated: February 10, two more responses added to the article]

The following individuals agreed to participate in the article:

Mike Olivares: Founder of Tucson Comic-Con

John Lester: Co-founder of Game On Expo 

Matt Solberg: Convention Director of Phoenix Comicon 

Michael Spadafore: Convention Director of Taiyou Con

Hal Astell: Vice Chair of Westercon 70

Greg Fennell: Convention Director of Saboten Con

I know these individuals have much longer resumes but in the context of this article, I listed what was being referenced. I want to thank each and every of one of them for taking the time to give their insights and thoughts about the current state of Arizona conventions.

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