Earlier this month, Amazing Comic Con announced it was no longer planning on holding the annual Amazing Arizona Comic Con for various reasons. It came out today that a local is trying to use the success of Amazing Arizona to launch their own convention. 

A local comic book store owner has apparently been reaching out to potential comic book guests for their convention in August to appear at his show. Here are a few more details from Deadpool creator and friend of Jimmy Jay, Rob Liefeld on his Facebook page. 

Fabian Nicieza, who is credited as co-creator of Deadpool, shared the text of an email he received from the individual. 

Update: Mike Wheeler made a response post on Facebook an addition to the comments below

Facebook Update
In a response to an inquiry about this story, Mr. Wheeler replied:

 “No, we didn’t buy out Jimmy Jay. This whole thing is just a group of people taking things out of context and doing what they can to spread the hate. We were in talks with hiring Jimmy Jay as a consultant. But we never claimed to buy out the show. We have emails and message history where we let people know we were starting a new show in the absence of amazing arizona.

In early messages to some of the first people we contacted, the language does seem to reflect that there was a connection and that was my bad but it Is also the plain ignorance of people spinning it that way and just not asking the simple question, is this a new show or did you buy Jimmy Jays show? I would’ve cleared it up in a heartbeat if there was any confusion. There is truth to the same crew and companions at Jimmys show being used at ours. That’s because it is through the convention center so all of the same people work through them or are recommended by the convention center.”