Here we are, roughly four weeks until Phoenix Fan Fest (noticed they dropped the Comicon from all their promotion?) makes its debut in Downtown Phoenix. The preliminary programming schedule has gone up on the Fan Fest site (sans guest panels) and while the con is only two days, it looks to offer a variety in topics in regards to programming. Everything from anime, TMNT, Stranger Things, and super heroes are represented in one form or another in the programming.

Awhile back, I posted about the Fan Fest map being published but I wasn’t completely sure where the guest panels would be located. Judging from the map and what isn’t published in the programming guide, it can be speculated that you’ll find the big guest panels in rooms 221 ABC, 222ABC, 231ABC, and 232ABC. All four of those rooms (which themselves are made up of three rooms each) only hold 444 people each. 221 and 222 don’t combine, the same for 231 and 232. 444 seats just seems pretty small for some of the guests they have attending this year. Now, I could be totally wrong and they’ll use one of the same rooms in the West Building that get used for guests during Phoenix Comicon but nothing points toward that happening. Either way, make sure to follow Legion of Sand on Twitter for more news when it becomes available.