Yes, we just finished Phoenix Comicon but with the two month move up of Fan Fest, it’s not too early to to start talking about it. As you might recall, Fan Fest is moving from Glendale to Downtown Phoenix this year and that means a new setup for Fan Fest. Well, if you’re wondering what parts of the Phoenix Convention Center will be hosting the con, wonder no more. The official Phoenix Comicon website was updated with the map for the event and it is taking place on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the North building.


One of the key reasons why the move happened from the University of Phoenix Stadium to the convention center is that the stadium isn’t really designed for multiple panel rooms and now they can happen a little easier. The exhibit hall takes place on the 3rd floor and is combined with the guest autographs/photo ops as well. No word on if the guest panels will take place on the 2nd floor or elsewhere, but as soon I as find out, I’ll let you know! In the mean time, I encourage you to give me a follow on Twitter for more Fan Fest news as well as a ton of other cons!