Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest looks to be headed to the Phoenix Convention Center this year. It will be held on October 22-23, a change from the three days it has been the past two years. The third year con was created to give fans a winter event but also to have an event in the West Valley.

This is a bit of an interesting move because Phxcc was never shy about explaining the reason why it wasn’t initially held at the convention center to begin with as costs to use the facility when it’s not face melting hot is very high compared to the summer months. The NFL schedule hasn’t been released yet, so the available dates the University of Phoenix Stadium won’t be known for another month, meaning Phxcc didn’t want to wait to see what was available.

Also interesting is the fact it’s moving from December to October. At the Fan Fest media get together last year, convention director Matt Solberg mentioned that attendee spending right before Christmas was much different. Attendees were shopping for gifts and not themselves, which could have had an impact on vendors.

I’m sure as we get closer to Phoenix Comicon, more info on the Fan Fest move will be come out.