The 301 ballroom, home to the media guest panels at Phoenix Comicon, looks to be in for a big change for the upcoming con this June. Let’s take a look at what this means for the convention. 

Last year Phoenix Comicon moved its media guests panels from the second floor of the North 120 ballroom into the 301 ballroom which resides on the third floor in the West building. Room 301 is slightly larger than the 120 ballroom, as it can seat about 300 more attendees.

This year, room 301 will be split into two, but not an even two. It will now be room 301A, which seats approximately 1,464 attendees and 301BCD which seats approximately 3,008 attendees.

 What’s this mean for you? Well, both rooms are designated for spotlight panels according to the Phoenix Comicon Event Map. Chances are if you are a fan of sitting through all the spotlight panels in a day, you might have to switch rooms depending on which guest panels you’re interested in. 

This is probably a response on the part of Phoenix Comicon as the 301 ballroom never reached capacity last year and now the space can be utilized a little bit more efficiently. As with everything, this *could* change before the con in June but I think it’s a safe bet it’s going to stay this way considering its already been established on their map graphic.

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