This past weekend at the beautiful We-Ko-Pa Resort in Fountain Hills. Mad Monster is a horror convention that celebrates some of the horror film classics and its characters. Don’t think of this as a review, let me just get that out of the way. I was only able to attend the first night of the convention and I’m sure I missed out on plenty of the convention. This is a recap of my experience attending the con for the first time.

There’s three different areas to the convention. The dealer room, full of horror film inspired art, memorabilia, decor, and more. I found plenty of awesome stuff that weren’t necessarily horror themed as well such as a wide array of vintage toys, some comics, and steam punk inspired accessories. In the same room, you’ll find all the special guests lined up at tables on the walls of the room. While this makes the vendor hall the main attraction, it also makes it a pretty busy part of the convention. The room itself isn’t very big and it got packed prett quick, I can only imagine what the room was like during Saturday, usually the highest amount of attendees of any con.


The other parts of the convention include a panel room. Most of the guests had a panel at some point during the weekend including George A. Romero, Danny Trejo, Lorri Petty, Malcom McDowell, and several more guests from film and television. The last part of the convention was a back hallway, just outside of the vendor room that included a few more vendors promoting films, selling swag, and doing tattoos.

The guest lineup, which I mentioned earlier, was really solid. It featured a nice mix of actors from various genres across tv and film. I was actually really impressed and was one of the reasons I decided to check out the convention. The convention featured a few events such as a costume contest, Scaraoke, and a charity auction. Overall, I’m glad I went to the convention as horror films really aren’t my thing but Mad Monster was still pretty cool and worth the trip.