What started as a food map for the area surrounding the Phoenix Convention Center less than 24 hours ago has turned into an interactive map of sorts. This map still has nearly every restaurant within walking distance of the convention center for when the hunger strikes during Phoenix Comicon. You’ll also be able to find the three main con hotels marked on the map so you can easily find what is near your hotel to grub on.

New this year however, is the added feature of video of some of the points of interest around the convention center. I took clips from the Phoenix Comicon 2016 Location Guide Video and added them to the corresponding location on the map to help further explain where some of the major parts of the convention are located.

When using the map, once you have clicked on a location marker, remember to use the back arrow located next to the name of the restaurant. Below the map, you will find a few places that I recommend! Also, if you’re interested in say, just the videos, you can hide the restaurant locations or vise versa.

Legion of Sand recommends…
Copper Blue’s
Fired Pie
TGI Fridays (Diamondbacks are not in town, the restaurant overlooks Chase Field)
1130 The Restaurant