Pretty sure I won’t be attending any more conventions until April so I need to be able to keep the content flowing and I know you guys love Phoenix Comicon. This is just my opinion of course and if you have things you believe Phoenix Comicon shouldn’t change, make sure to share that in the comments section! 

1. The Convention Shouldn’t Get Rid of the Hall of Heroes
One of my favorite changes last year was moving all of the costuming groups along with their prop sets to the third floor of the north building. While these groups are popular with con goers, and rightfully so, their booths take up large spaces in which those spaces can now accommodate more vendors and artists. One of the complaints about the move last year was that no one knew about it and I sort of agree with that point. More signing should help with informing attendees about the Hall of Heroes. Edit: looks like Phxcc is bringing back the Hall of Heroes for atleast another year!
2. Don’t Get Rid of the Fan Fest Preview Panel

Yes, they’ve only have had one panel and they probably won’t have much details to share about the event this year but it’s a great opportunity for attendees to talk about the con, what they don’t like or what they do like, and whatever else. Last year it was one of the last panels held on Sunday and probably had about 25-30 people attend. Prizes were given out, grievances were heard, it’s a good panel to have.
3. Keep Supporting the Local Community

It’s easy to forget where you came from or who supported you in the younger days but Phoenix Comicon has a pretty good track record of supporting the local guys and gals. The more a con grows, the more demand there is for nationally recognized artists, authors, and so on. It’s inevitable. Table and booth prices go up (like it has) and it kind of pushes out the smaller folks, who are usually local. Keep supporting the people who helped build the popularity of the con and finds ways to keep them at the con (even a 5% discount on a table for locals eh?).
4. Don’t Go Back to Memorial Day Weekend

This is a fantasy honestly as it is given that Phoenix Comicon returns to Memorial Day Weekend in 2017 but does it really need to? It’s not an event that’s synonymous with Memorial Day Weekend to begin with, it’s a holiday that many spend with family and friends barbecuing or swimming to welcome the summer season. Maybe the con sees it as a way to increase attendance (I could identify several, easier ways to do that) but very few major conventions land on a holiday weekend (Anime Expo and Wondercon are the only one that comes to mind), let the people enjoy their holiday and the following week let them enjoy Phoenix Comicon.