My Friday at San Diego Comic Con was a bit random. The early part of my day was spent walking the exhibit floor, snapping pictures of cosplayers or cool displays. The highlight of my morning was getting a quick glimpse of The Walking Dead cast entering the exhibit floor for their signing at the Walking Dead booth.

After that I decided to head on over to Nerd HQ, the offsite hang out hosted by Zachary Levi’s Nerd Machine. My wife had purchased a ticket to Conversation For a Cause panel with the some of the cast of Con Man. 
The panel alone raised so much money that that everyone in the audience got a picture with the cast!


My $10 Tequila drink from Nerd HQ
 My next step after Nerd HQ was the Nintendo Gaming Lounge at the Marriott Marina Hotel. Upon entry, Mario was available for photos and just as we were next, an older gentleman cut in line and got his photo with Mario. Everyone whipped out their phones and took pictures, except me. Come to find out later in the day, that older guy was the voice of Mario in the video games. 

The lounge was a smaller room with a bunch of playable demos. If you demoed three games, you got a free Nintendo shirt, the problem however that every single station had a wait time of 45 minutes or so. We waited long enough to try Mario Maker for Wii U which is a fun customizable Mario game. I’ll be picking it up for sure in September.

The other cool portion of the Gaming Lounge was the Amiibo photo booth where they would take your picture and you would get a photo printed of yourself as an amiibo.  


my kid as an amiibo

Quick look at the Nintendo Gaming Lounge

 I went and stopped at the Hilton Bayfront again to see if I could snag any photos of celebs. I was able to take a shot of Josh Holloway from Lost but the cool thing captured was a video of Storm Troopers. At the time we didn’t know where they were going but they on the way to Hall H to take everyone to the secret Star Wars concert.

Speaking of Hall H, Kevin Smith held his annual Hall H panel where he took questions and talked about his new film Yoga Hosers. He also brought out his daughter who is in the film along with one of the monsters of the film.  


That was pretty much my Friday, enjoy some more photos of cosplayers and randomness I ok that day. 


Scott Snyder at the DC booth
Impractical Jokers Museum
Sal from Impractical Jokers
Joe and Q from Impractical Jokers
Colony hats were handed out