Another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone but the coverage should continue all week! Years passed, people would say Thursday is the least attended day. Throw that notion out the window, it’s crazy just like any other day!

I started my morning at The Broken Yolk, it was delicious. The menu cover and the restaurant were comic book themed. 

I attended two panels on Thursday in Hall H (and I didn’t even camp out!): Doctor Who and Con Man. The Doctor Who panel features Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, and Steven Moffat. Chris Hardwick had moderating duties and we were treated to a trailer for Series 9 and a Q&A where fans got to ask questions. 

Next up was Con Man (again, moderated by Chris Hardwick), which is a web series that was crowd funded to a huge success earlier in the year. It was announced that Con Man was the first web series to have a panel in Hall H. The panel was a large one: Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, Nolan North, Casper Van Dien, Michael Trucco, Alison Haislip, Tricia Helfer, Mindy Sterling, Seth Green, Will Wheaton, Felicia Day, Barry Bishop, Sky Haarsma, and P.J. Haarsma.

Alan Tudyk came out in his Wash costume from Firefly and Nathan commented on how it was inaccurate. Alan stood up and squirted ketchup on himself (in reference to how his character died) which got a lot of groans from the crowd while Alan kissed the crowd. We were treated to a trailer for the series which is made up of twelve 10 minute episodes and features a lot of actors.

One of the semi known hot spots at Comic Con is the parking garage at the Hilton Bayfront where you can spot celebrities from the garage openings. I decided to hang out here for a few minutes on Thursday and my time investment paid off as Bill Murray came out on his way to Hall H. 

Most of my day after that was spent exploring the exhibit floor and taking pictures!


Todd McFarlane
Rob Liefeld
Brian Michael Bendis
Hitman 47 promotion

If you’d like to know what it’s like walking the exhibit floor, wonder no longer: 

Again, expect more updates the rest of the week and follow Legion of Sand on Twitter for updates and con coverage.