Back again for more post Wondercon coverage, this time covering the events of Saturday. Lots of autograph sessions went down on Saturday and the lines to even attempt to get into the autograph session were crazy. I had my hopes set on pulling a winning ticket for the Teen Titans Go! autograph session but it wasn’t meant to be as I pulled a non winning ticket. You can always get back in line and try again but I had already spent over an hour of my morning waiting that I just wanted to get the rest of my day started.

The second stop of the day was room 300AB as the Teen Titans Go! panel was scheduled to start at 11. I got into the room a little early and got to see the last 20 minutes of the Superman Reunion panel with Margot Kidder and a few more of the actors from the films.

Superman Reunion Panel

Next up was the Teen Titans Go! panel featuring the writers and the voices of Robin and Beast Boy (last year was Cybrog, maybe next year will be Starfire and Raven). Panel kicked off with a screening of an upcoming episode where each Titan is transported into an old school video (Starfire was transported into a game similar to Legend of Zelda, Beastboy to Frogger, etc) which was a huge hit with the audience. Afterwards, the panelists come out and talk about the show and the process. I’ll have a few videos up in the coming days from the panel. At one point, they talked about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover (which they wanted to point out because of lawyers that the TMNTs never actually appeared in any episode 😉 ) and the voice actor of Beast Boy is such a fan of the ninja turtles, he wanted to show off his boxers.


After the panel, I spent some more time on the exhibit floor and the lobby, taking some photos of cosplayers. After a few minutes, it was time to head over to the Arena, Anaheims version of Hall H from San Diego. WB was holding a panel that spotlighted two films: San Andreas and Mad Max Fury Road. Fury Road was up first and we got to see two clips of the film which looks amazing. The rest of the panel was dedicated to San Andreas and the panel featured the director and two of the actresses from the film (no Dwayne Johnson!?). We were treated to a clip of the film and then they spoke about their experience on the film. Honestly kind of a boring panel that I wished I had skipped.


The rest of my Saturday was spent shopping, getting autographs (from Len Wein and Rob Liefeld), and taking some more photos including a group Legend of Zelda (minus Link who was elsewhere) cosplayers who one of them was a friend of the site, Jaymee Whalen as Sheik.

That was about all the cool stuff from my Saturday at Wondercon. The con is moving to LA next year so it is still up in the air if I will be going for a third year. Either way though, I enjoyed another year at Wondercon!