• Phoenix Comicon guest announcements have been picking up in pace. Art Adams, Rafael Alburquerque, Fábio Moon, and Gabriel Bá have been announced on the comic side of things while Christopher Lloyd and Mary McDonell have been announced as media guests.

  • Arizona iCon has announced its first guest for their summer toy convention: Mark Ellis (who was also their first guest last year) who was a marketing executive for Mattel in the 80s. He spoke about Masters of the Universe last year and this year he is returning to speak about Hotwheels. 

  • Yesterday was the “State of the City” in downtown Phoenix. A small blurb in the pamphlet shows that downtown Phoenix will see an increase in hotel rooms in 2016, which means more options for convention goers. 

  • Don’t forget that both TAPE and Zapcon are coming up, both fall on April 18&19.