It’s nearly that time of the year again, three days of Amazing Arizona Comic Con (AACC) which graces the Phoenix Convention Center for its fifth year convention. Don’t get this confused with Phoenix Comicon, Amazing Arizona is its own thing, completely different than Phxcc with its own diehard fans (including me!)

AACC was the first comic convention I ever attended that wasn’t San Diego Comic Con. AACC will always be a special con for me and why shouldn’t it be, it’s a comic enthusiast wonderland. AACC does an excellent job of catering to comic fans whether those fans are new or seasoned. This year does NOT disappoint either with a really solid line up that any comic convention would love to have. Before we get to some of those names, make sure you mark down February 13-15 on your calendar (yes it takes place during Valentine’s Day but your loved one will understand or you can just bring them with!).

Lets start with a few big time names that have worked on a few big time titles: George PĂ©rez (The New Teen Titans, Justice League, Avengers, Wonder Woman), Herb Trimpe (The Incredible Hulk, also first to draw Wolverine!), Rob Liefeld (X-Force, New Mutants, Youngblood), Kevin Eastman (Creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Not enough for you? How about Greg Capullo, Steve McNiven, Adam Kubert and even more comic industry guys that work on some of the most popular titles. If you’re into comics, chances are you have read or seen art but these guys.

Update: Spawn creator and comic legend Todd McFarlane will be making a special Friday appearance where he will be doing a free signing with Greg Capullo!

AACC isn’t a media/celebrity convention but it doesn’t shy away from having guests that have ties to the comic world. Six (six!) Power Rangers actors from various series will be attending the convention. Mat Nastos, best known for his work on Phineas & Ferb will be on hand and even a few Heroes of Cosplay alumni: Chloe Dykstra and Jessica Merizan.

The weekend will be full of programming from artist spolights to cosplay panels to Sailor Moon, there will be programming for everyone.

I could keep going on and on but, I implore you to explore the AACC website, tons of information and guests to be found on the site. Also use that link to secure your tickets to the con.

One last bit of info for you: I take pride in being truthful and honest when I attend conventions and do a post con write up. Here is my write up for Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2014 so if you’re on the fence about attending, give it a read and mull it over. Have more questions? Leave a comment below or send me a tweet!