Tucson Comic Con 2014 update

We are about two months out from Tucson Comic Con and wanted to put together all that has been announced so far for the readers who are interested in attending. Just a quick note, Tucson Comic Con will probably be one of the least expensive cons you will attend. $15 for the weekend, $10 for one day. I’ll gladly pay that price any day. You can’t get your tickets online (yet) but should be able to soon as well as getting them the day off at the Tucson convention center box office.

What’s been announced so far:

Joe Eisma – Morning Glories
Ken Kristensen – Todd the Ugliest Kidd on Earth
Vivek J. Tiwary (Eisner Award Winner) – The Fifth Beatle
Brent Peeples – The Last of the Greats

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Comic book publisher Contraband Comics will be at the convention
Costume Contest on Saturday Night at 6P

For a more in depth list of artists, vendors, and more, check out the list from Tucson Comic Con


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