Alright, I took a short break from jrpgs for a few installments but now its time to talk about an obscure one that, for a time, was pretty hard to come by and I was one who searched for it and not wanting to pay the $100+ price of it on eBay.

Years ago, I decided to hunt the game down (this is when EB/Gamestop still carried used PSOne games) and searched and searched for it. I was living in Florida and I had found out that a Gamestop in Orlando had the game thanks to their inventory search. I wasn’t willing to make the 2 hour drive but they offered to transfer it to my local store. It was sent and a week later I got a call from my local store saying they received it. I went in that day and they couldn’t “locate it”, I was a little aggravated but I am not one for conflict so I decided to leave but my girlfriend at the time wasn’t happy about the situation and decided to tear into the people working. We leave and 10 minutes later we get a call from Gamestop again, they “found it”. I always thought they someone working that day wanted it for themselves and was just holding it.

I couldn’t do the game justice if I tried to explain it but the title sums it up perfectly, a “Musical Adventure”

Here is a short clip from one of the many musical scenes in the game

If you don’t want to hunt down the PSOne copy, you can also purchase it on Nintendo DS. Do it. You know you want to.