Playstation 2 has a huge library of games, of those, I’ve only played a handful that I ever considered innovative and original. The best of that bunch? Shadow of the Colossus.

The game takes place in a forbidden land, as the protagonist is attempting to revive a maiden. To do so, he must defeat sixteen colossi in a vast land that is unpopulated and is comprised of many different environments. The only help he has in this journey is his horse, Wander.

Let me tell you something about this game, for it’s time, it’s gorgeous. The many different environments all look stunning, from the rolling sands of the desert to haunting ruins, it looks great. What adds to the uniqueness of this game is the lack of music during gameplay, it really makes this land of emptiness truly feel that way.


The real draw of this game is finding each Colossus and finding the method to take down these extremely large and powerful creatures who are all much different from the last. Only equipped with a sword and a bow, you really look forward to each encounter and the challenge it will bring because you get a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment after every battle.


People often talk about video games represent a work of art and if that is the case, the most amazing artistic interactivity is Shadow of the Colossus.