Your experience in Downtown Phoenix for Phoenix Fan Fusion might be a little more crowded. The Arizona Diamondbacks, who
play at Chase Field, have home games the same days as Fusion Fusion, June 2 – 4. The good news is that the Friday and Saturday
games are being played at night so as long as you are at the convention earlier in the day, parking shouldn’t be too
much of a problem. Sunday’s game is slated for a little after 1PM so that might be a little challenging if you don’t
have pre-paid parking.

Besides the parking situation (you could always use the light rail), I would expect a few of the restaurants that are near both Chase Field and the Phoenix Convention Center to be a little bit busier. This isn’t the first time this scenario has happened but just want you to be prepared. There could be a slight chance the Phoenix Suns could be playing in the NBA Finals which also happen to kick off around the same weekend.