UwU (ˈuːwuː ) exclamation. slang. an expression of admiration for something that is considered cute, used esp in text messaging and social media.

With that said, the first ever UwU Con (Arizona’s newest anime convention) is taking place this weekend in Mesa and there are a LOT of industry guests who voice some of your favorite anime characters.

When and Where

UwU Con will be held October 28 – 30 at Bell Bank Park in Mesa (1 Legacy Dr, Mesa, AZ 85212)

The convention hours are as follows:
October 28: 12PM – Midnight
October 29: 10AM – Midnight
October 30: 10AM – 6PM


All of the following prices do not includes any taxes + fees
Friday – $36.88
Saturday – $49.87
Sunday – $36.88
Full Weekend – $80.15
VIP Full Weekend (Early access, event tshirt and artwork) – $162.49
VIP Plus Ultra Full Weekend (Early access, event tshirt and artwork, 3 fast passes per day to meet celebrity artists) – $204.67


UwU Con features a ton of voice actors and cosplayers including Kaiji Tang, David Lodge, Eric Stuart. For full list of guests including signing times and cost, visit the guest page.

What To Do

Looks like there will be a few different offerings at UwU Con so if meeting guests isn’t your thing, you’re in luck. Vendors, fan panels, an anime rave, a K-POP Terrace, food (more on that shortly), eSports, a cosplay contest, tattoo artists and more.


Food looks to be a big deal at UwU Con with a handful of Asian inspired vendors. All of the vendors will be located next to the K-POP Terrace outside. For a full list of vendors and links to their Instagram accounts, a wrote up a quick article with just that not long ago.


Your badge does cover the cost of parking. If you see signs for paid parking, as long as you have a badge, you will not need to pay anything extra for parking. You can reference this UwU Con Instagram post.

Bag Check

No large duffle bags are allowed. Small purses, bags and backpacks are permitted. Clear bags are not necessary. All bags brought into the venue will be checked at entry and re-entry points throughout the venue.

(Badge and bag rechecks at re-entry points are required simply because Bell Bank Park is a public facility and will have other people in attendance that are not a part of UwU Con. Rechecks at re-entry points are for everyone’s safety.) This is pulled straight from a recent UwU Con Instagram post.

Cosplay and Props

If you are cosplaying and/or bringing props, make sure to read over what is and isn’t allowed on the UwU con website.