We are finally here. 2019 seems so long ago but we are a day away from experiencing Phoenix Fan Fusion once again (and only the second time with it being called Fan Fusion). Let me start by saying remember to follow the Legion of Sand Twitter for live updates and the Legion of Sand Instagram for cosplay photos.

No on site badges will be sold at Phoenix Fan Fusion
You can still purchase them the day off via the Phoenix Fan Fusion website but you just won’t be able to purchase it from someone at the con.

Hours of Operation

There will be three different entrances
I’ve been reminding people on social media this week that the two entrances on 3rd St will probably be the busier of the three. Try the 2nd & Adams entrance (behind the west building next to the Hyatt) if the entrances on 3rd St are busy.

Drink a lot of water and wear comfortable shoes
It’s probably been quite some time since many of you have spent multiple days at a convention. It’s hot and you’ll be walking a lot. Remember you can bring in an empty Hydro Flask or a water bottle to refill throughout the convention center.

There is a TON to do this weekend at the convention
Walking the exhibit floor for hours can be satisfying for some but if you’re looking for me, there is a good chance there might be a panel or event that interests you. Pick up the free program guide at the convention or you can start looking at those panels and events ahead of time on the Phoenix Fan Fusion website.

There will be a lot of activity downtown this weekend
The Arizona Diamondbacks play the Los Angeles Dodgers this weekend at Chase Field which is right next to the convention center. Parking and restaurants could be a little busier than normal.

There are some cheap food options near by
If you’re looking to eat on a budget, don’t forget there is a Taco Bell Cantina now a short 3 minute walk from the convention center as well as a Jersey Mike’s at the Arizona Center. Not every meal should cost you $20 or more.

If you’re in cosplay and need some downtime
The cosplay lounge is exclusive to individuals in cosplay (and if they have a handler). This area is ideal for a food break without being interrupted or fixing a cosplay malfunction. It will be located in North 229AB.

Don’t forget to join the photo scavenger hunt
For the second year, I am doing a photo scavenger hunt! There’s a list of items worth different points and you have find those things and take a photo. Pretty simple right? You can join the fun on the Legion of Sand Discord server. Two prizes will be awarded: one to the individual with the most points, one to a random participant. You can join the Discord right here.