Straight from Saboten Con

“The CDC currently requires everyone who is not vaccinated to wear a mask in public, and while we feel this is a good step we also fear that by our show things will have gotten worse due to the new Delta variant and lack of herd immunity in the US and Arizona. For these reasons we are going to implement a mask mandate for our event to help reduce the chances of getting infected at the show. We also know that many of you are vaccinated and would like to go without a mask if possible. We are going to offer the ability to show your vaccination card at registration to get a badge modification that will allow you to go throughout the show without a mask. This badge modification is required as our staff will be asking all those who are not wearing a mask and do not have the badge modification to put a mask on. We will be offering masks at registration for those of you that may have come to the show without one. We also know there are a few attendees that can not wear a mask for health reasons or age restrictions, for those who meet this requirement we will ask that you have your temperature checked at registration prior to obtaining your badge and badge modification.”