Not familiar with the ACME? ACME is the Arizona Comic Mini Expo that takes place at Samurai Comics in Mesa during Free Comic Book Day. This year it takes place on May 2nd and the mini comic expo features a handful of comic book creators (just like an artist alley at a comic convention).

Update: ACME has been postponed

The event features a few first timers as well as a couple of familiar names who call Phoenix home. If more names are announced, this post will be updated. For more info on ACME, click here.

Update: 3/10/2020

Nick Cagnetti
Benjamin Mackey
Meredith Mcclaren
Ryan Liebe
John Layman
Scott Godlewski
Matt Goodall
Ryan Quackenbush
Jay Fotos
Mike Macropoulos
Val Hochberg
J. Gonzo
Jim Hanna
Tyler Button
Ryan Cody