Yesterday I brought you A Decade of Arizona Cosplay and today’s follow up is a decade of San Diego Comic-Con panels! Looking back at some of these photos I made a few observations: I was terrible at taking panel photos, a lot of them have the back of random heads in it. A lot of the Hall H photos I was far too back to get a good shot of the stage so a lot them are photos of the screens in Hall H. I also realized how lucky I’ve been to see a lot of these panels that include some of the most popular actors and actresses that still are seen on television and film. Some years I didn’t go to many panels, some years were panel heavy, etc. so if you don’t see photos from a popular panel from a certain year I either didn’t go to the panel or I just didn’t go to SDCC that year (2010 and 2019).

As a note, I didn’t include any of the offsite panels as this post was image heavy already. And because of the amount of images, I broke this post up into two pages to help with the loading.

2010 – 2013


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