Pop culture has taken over many different aspects of our lives, when not our dining as well? That’s what the owners of ComicX had in mind when they brought over their comic themed chain of restaurants to the U.S., and their first location at the Desert Ridge Marketplace, is now open. I stopped by the soft opening this morning and was greeted by the owner of this location as the first official customer who explained the history of the company and the excitement for their first location in America.

The restaurant is a two story trip down pop culture and while the name clearly has the word “comic” in it, you will see displays from non-comic book properties such as Harry Potter, Halo, The Simpsons, and Star Wars. Speaking of Star Wars, the entire second floor is dedicated to Star Wars with several statues and a little bit more theme-ing to around the dinning areas (also the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern is tucked away in a corner of the second floor which I thought was a nice touch). That area can also be reserved for parties and events.

I paid $14 before tip for a burger, fries, and a tea which I feel is in line with places such as Dave & Busters where the food is just okay but the aesthetic is cool enough to keep the people coming in.  The menu is your typical menu that you’d see at a place such as Applebee’s that offers burgers, tacos, pasta, etc.

I also uploaded two quick videos on YouTube which can find here and here