So a while back, Fanboys Comic Con, who run the “largest one day convention in Texas” announced they will be putting on a show at Westworld, Scottsdale on June 8th. No details were available at the time other then the usual comic con buzzwords to describe the event. The Fanboy Comic Con website has no information about the event besides the prices for being a vendor ($200 for a 10×10, $125 for an artist table).  Their Facebook event page offers a little bit more info including a few popular Arizona cosplayers involved in the charity group Comicare as well as artist Harvey Mercadoocasio, who worked on a few different Sonic the Hedgehog titles for Archie Comics.

Now it seems as if the convention has been combined with the car show “Hot Import Nights” (which I was into in the early 2000s, ooof). The Hot Import Nights site does mention Fanboys Comic Con as part of the event but again, the details are very much lacking. At this point, how would anyone know what to really expect? It could just literally be a booth with a few cosplayers and a single artist. Tickets are $20 until June 7th, then go up to $25 on the day of the event.

I know its only $20 – $25 for the event but I would be very hesitant to purchase entry into an event that lacks details.