Phoenix Fan Fusion held the first Fan Forum last month which is an opportunity for fans who sign up to bring up topics and questions directly to the show runners. Another one is coming up this month and you can sign up for that right here (space is limited to the first 25 people). The recap of of the topics have been posted and I wanted to share a few.

To read all of them, you can follow the previous link (or just click here).

Q: Was the fire alarm in 2018 set off by a vape pen?

A: No, the fire alarm was caused by a main panel failure

Q: Is it possible to have a pre-security check for verified attendees

A: We have looked into this, but the logistics are a nightmare. The Phoenix Convention Center will not agree to this.

Q: How likely are you to go back to the 2017 prop guidelines?
A: Again, almost none. The prop guidelines are set almost entirely by the Phoenix Convention Center and the City of Phoenix. They are not likely to lift the current prop restrictions given recent incidents at Phoenix Fan Fusion and other large events around the globe.

Q: Can we go back to uploaded JPG for photo ops?

A: For many years, we have been one of the only convention to offer JPG copies of photo ops at no charge. The increased fees to host websites, upload pictures manually, and maintain those photo ops means we have to start charging for them? The JPG copies are have value to our attendees and to us, so we probably will not go back to uploading them at no charge.

Q: Can you move the cosplay groups outside the exhibit hall downstairs?

A: While it would be great to have the cosplayers downstairs, there simply isn’t room for their displays in that space.