Another Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2018 in the books and it was a fun one. I got into Vegas too late on Friday to attend any con activities but I was ready to go bright and early on Saturday (with minimal sleep but sleep can wait). Saturday was a pretty heavy day with panels as I sat through the ‘Anime At Amazing’ panel, Jason David Frank, Skottie Young and Jason Aaron, and finally Deadpool. It was a nice mix of panels on that main stage that touched on a lot of corners of pop culture. There was a good sized crowd all day (and honestly all weekend) that were shopping both merchandise vendors and artists. One of the things that I really, really enjoy as a comic book fan that Amazing does so well is that they bring out a nice combination of current comic book professionals who work on mainstream titles as well as comic book professionals who have worked on some legendary stuff. From the previously mentioned Skottie Young and Jason Aaron to Marv Wolfman, Neal Adams, and Rob Liefeld, there are plenty of comic book guests to interest comic book fans and collectors. It is one of the few shows that I still see long lines for comic book guests (and not just like one guest either). Amazing has been expanding the type of media guests they bring out but it is still nice to see such a huge focus on creators and the fans still turn out for those guests as well.

Sunday felt just as busy as Saturday, many of the merchandise booths were hard to shop as the crowds turned out to look for those “can’t miss” items. The highlight of Sunday and maybe the entire weekend was the Charlie Cox panel. It was a full house for the panel that saw Charlie talk about his experiences filming Daredevil, his other acting credentials, and many more topics.  It was my first time sitting through a panel of his and was glad to be able to do so as he kept the conversation going, at times funny, at other times serious. On the topic of guest panels, I thought it was a pretty cool and unique partnership that Amazing had with entertainment news site Collider. Collider has their own personalities, their own fans and it was a great way to bring in new faces to the con that were fans of the Collider brand but maybe haven’t attended a con before.

Overall, I enjoyed my time at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con because good quality COMIC conventions seem to be a dying breed but Amazing does it the right way.

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