We are exactly one week away from Phoenix Comic Fest! I decided to reach out to some of my fellow convention goers who run their own sites/blogs/podcasts to see what they have to say about the upcoming con, as well as my answers (you didn’t think I wasn’t going to participate did you??). The individuals participating are:

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Over the course of the four days, what aspect of Phoenix Comic Fest are you excited for the most?

Geeks Who Eat: For us, typically its seeing friends and artists new to the convention. However, this year we are hosting our first PCF panel and are co-hosting another. So we are pretty stoked about that!

Geek Elite Radio: Honestly I am most excited about seeing the cosplays, PhxCF may not be the biggest but that doesn’t mean the attendees skimp on the work. We have some of the hardest working and most dedicated cosplayers out there and they come out with some of the most impressive costumes from all kinds of different fandoms, and all around amazing attitudes.

ConFreaks & Geeks: I look forward to meeting the comic book guests. Talking to some of the big names in the industry is always a fun experience.

Legion of Sand: Just taking in the sights of the convention. This is Arizona’s largest pop culture event and it is a blast to wander the exhibit hall, run into familiar faces, and spend the four days with people just like you.

Is there a panel or programming event that is held yearly that you would recommend?
Geeks Who Eat: The State of Horror is always a great panel. We love the discussion of the horror industry and what the future could hold.

Geek Elite Radio: Though there is not one specific panel or event that I look forward to every year, I look forward to the celebrity panels PhxCF brings to the show every year. The guests are always accommodating to fans and their questions.

ConFreaks & Geeks: The masquerade is always a fun experience to go to.

Legion of Sand: Check out the Saber Walk, it’s a pretty cool event and lots of awesome photo ops for Star Wars lovers.

Favorite memory of attending the event in the past?
Geeks Who Eat: We’d have to say our first cosplay. We dressed up as Dean Winchester and Abaddon from Supernatural. It was the first time we’d ever cosplayed and all of our hard work paid off. That moment when someone asks to take a photo with you makes you feel like a million bucks!

Geek Elite Radio: The first year I attended, then Phoenix Comicon, I participated in a comic book trivia based scavenger hunt put on by the Arizona Avengers, and then they held a panel that talked about costuming and prop making. A great time was had by my friends and I as we tried piece the clues together plus new friends were made in the good times.

ConFreaks & Geeks: My friend and I saw that Lord of the Rings actor John Rhys-Davies was at his table. There was no line at the time so, we went up to him and greeted him. We ended up just chatting it up with him for over an hour and half and boy did he have some crazy stories to tell!

Legion of Sand: A few years ago John Barrowman was a guest and while I was familiar with his work, I had never seen him at a con before. He blew me away with his stories and how funny of a person he was.

Biggest piece of advice for brand new attendees?
Geeks Who Eat: Bring a snack and drink lots of water! No seriously, all the walking you do will make you hungry and before you realize it you’ll be starving! Staying hydrated will also make the con go much smoother and reduce your risk of catching the dreaded Con Crud.

Geek Elite Radio: If you are a new attendee to the convention make sure to hydrate, you are in Arizona in May, but also remember to have a good time, don’t get bogged down with planning out an agenda, enjoy the sights and people, allow for spontaneous fun. Make sure to find other fans that share your interests and geek out together.

ConFreaks & Geeks: Please Please Please take a look at the policies on what you can and cant have with you at the show. This will give you less hassle and a better experience while attending the event.

Legion of Sand: Take time out of your day to sit and relax, even it is for 15 – 20 minutes. You’re going to be walking a lot more then likely and it helps to take a break.