Update: Well, that’s a heck of a glitch but you WILL be able to buy memberships online.

A few things have changed over the course of twelve months to the membership/registration process for Phoenix Comic Fest. Pricing deadlines changed to tiers, badges and lanyards changed to wristbands and now there will be no on site memberships sold.

According to the Phoenix Comic Fest FAQ, you won’t be able to purchase your wristband at the door.

The wording does make seem like you can still show up, buy your membership online via your phone or any other device, and then head to the nearest pickup spot. There will be no exchange of credit cards on site to purchase (they stopped taking cash a couple of years ago). Plan accordingly and have your membership purchased ahead of time.

I’m not sure how many attendees actually buy at the door but I would guess it’s a decent amount. For more updates on Phoenix Comic Fest, make sure to follow Legion of Sand on Twitter.