WonderCon 2018 was held on another beautiful weekend in Anaheim, CA that saw some rain, some overcast and great temperatures. I have always been a big fan of WonderCon because for me, it’s the right mix of everything without it being overwhelming or too crowded. You want movie studios and tv networks to bring their cast? They do it. You want an amazing amount of cosplay? Check. How about big time comic book professionals who are on some of your favorite titles for DC and Marvel? You got it.

I spent the weekend exploring the exhibit hall, checking out a few panels, and spending a lot of time with friends. I was able to experience my first press room courtesy of Netflix as they were promoting their new Lost In Space series as well as season 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I randomly ran into two acquaintances in Darin De Paul and Rob Liefeld who each graciously took a few minutes to chat with me.  I’m keeping this text short because I know what you’re really here for but if you’ve ever been on the fence about attending WonderCon, I highly recommend checking it out.