I came THIS close to typing Phoenix Comicon but I caught myself! Anyways, just today, Phoenix Comic Fest announced details in regards to security check points and what to expect. From their Facebook post:

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Pride Group, a local leader in event security and logistics at major events throughout the valley. Pride Group will be working alongside the Phoenix Comic Fest operations department.

Pride Group will offer central command of security procedures, prop check stations, and MAG readers at all entrances. Each entrance will have dedicated ADA, costuming, and VIP lines. Every redemption station will have customer service, purchasing, and exchange capabilities.

The three fully staffed entrance points include:

• 3 times the security checkpoints!
• 4 times the redemption stations!
• 4 times the hourly capacity at every entrance!

See for yourself at the “Gateway to Geekdom”. Maps, pictures, and detailed information coming soon.

It’s nice to see transparency in what to expect when arriving and their efforts trying to speed up the process while trying to minimize security risks.