Looks like things a lot getting interesting as Square-Egg Entertainment has filed a trademark for Vegas Fan Fusion. The name is in line with the just announced renaming of Minnesota Fan Fest to Minnesota Fan Fusion. According to public records, the name Vegas Fan Fusion was filed on January 20, 2018. The website is actually live with a “Coming Soon” message and the page title of “Discover Your Inner Geek” which is also trademarked by Square-Egg. It’s also reasonable to expect Phoenix Fan Fest to be renamed Phoenix Fan Fusion. Tucson Fan Fusion has also been trademarked.

It’s important to note that trade marks don’t mean these events are actually happening but Square-Egg has secured those names just incase.

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Let me start by saying, yes, this is just a rumor. I’m not usually in the business of rumors but here we are. This is one I’ve heard before but it keeps coming back and when there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.

Square Egg Entertainment is better known for the company who owns Phoenix Comic Fest, Phoenix Fan Fest, and Minnesota Fan Fest. The word going around is that Square Egg has its eyes set on Sin City and when someone glares that hard, they usually mean business. I’ve heard things like “Square Egg is confirmed for Vegas”, “the contract is signed”,”‘my buddy turned down the job”, all from various people (should I use the term sources?).

Square Egg hasn’t stayed out of the main stream news and the con community news since the end of 2016 and what’s the saying…”No press is bad press”? Volunteer/paid staff news, the security breach, the cancellation of Thrill Halloween, and more recently, the name change of Phoenix Comicon. No “smoking gun” has been found (yet) to substantiate this rumor but my feeling is that we might be hearing about it sooner rather then later. It will also be interesting to see what this means for Phoenix Fan Fest and/or Minnesota Fan Fest. If this turns out to be true, my gut feeling is one of those two won’t return.

Stay tuned.