If you’re reading this then you are probably well aware of what happened on the first day of Phoenix Comicon. Because of that incident, there are some major changes you should be aware of that take effect on Friday.

First off, there are now only a few access points into the convention center:

  • West Building entrance at 2nd Street, between Washington and Monroe.  
  • Third Street at Washington
  • Third Street at Monroe

If you are picking up your badge, you can only enter at Third Street at Monroe.

Also, to enjoy the activities at “Con On Third”, you will need a badge. It will no longer be open to the public. 

The next big change and probably the most important, is the banning of all costume props, not just weapon props. No foam, cardboard, etc types of props. The official word from Phoenix Comicon:

Costume props will no longer be allowed on-site. All costume props should be left at home, in your car, or in your hotel room. This includes costume props for staff, crew, costuming groups, panelists, and participants in the masquerade ball. Any panels or activities impacted by this change will be updated on the website soon.”

You can still purchase props in the exhibit hall but under strict rules:

All costume props are no longer allowed, including foam and cardboard props, shields and sabers. Purchased props will be wrapped by the vendors and must remain so while they are on-site. We encourage you to take your purchases to your car or hotel as soon as possible after purchase. We understand these are last minute changes as a result of recent events.

It sounds like there is zero tolerance on any prop from a Legend of Zelda shield to a Sonic Screwdriver. Yes, the action of one is leading to the punishment of many with the ban on props but let’s have a little perspective here. This is still a family event and safety comes first. You can argue until you’re blue in the face that your hands can hurt someone or that it’s only eliminating the danger from inside the building. If Phoenix Comicon had taken no action, the backlash would have been 10 times as worse. Enjoy your weekend and be safe. Save that prop that you poured your blood and sweat into for another event, people will still appreciate it, I promise.