3rd Floor “Hall of Heroes” at Phoenix Comicon Gets A Slight Change 

The Phoenix Convention Center features a second, exhibit floor, style room on the 3rd floor of the North Building. This room has been utilized as the “Hall of Heroes” for the past two years during Phoenix Comicon. The HoH plays home to the costuming groups, some guests, and also features the guest autograph and photo area.

Both attendees and exhibitors have mixed feelings on the separated exhibit area but now it seems to be evolving into a second exhibit floor. According to the maps featured on the Phoenix Comicon website, the Hall of Heroes will now feature its own artist alley. The second image below is listed on the website as “3rd Floor Artist Alley” and the corresponding table numbers can be found associated with various artists on the same page.

The floor plan for the Hall of Heroes

A closer look at the Hall of Heroes artist alley

The benefit of having this layout is that you get even more artists into the convention to expose their art to over the 100,000 planned attendees. The downside is that you now have two artist alleys which could create a bit of confusion. 

It’s nice to see the convention try to add even more value however to the Hall of Heroes.  Make sure to follow Legion of Sand for more updates for Phoenix Comicon. 


One thought on “3rd Floor “Hall of Heroes” at Phoenix Comicon Gets A Slight Change 

  1. I thought the process for informing vendors (artists and exhibitors) could have been better. The emails that were sent for the 3rd floor Exhibition Hall mostly spoke about large booths for exhibitors and not really much mention about artist alley booths. In trying to find clearer information, I found through the website that there was no more rolling waitlist and vendors would have to apply every year. I have email confirmation I was on the waitlist since last year so it was disappointing and frustrating to find out that I never received any other email notifying vendors of the changes. Has anyone had any similar experience or even notification?

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