While news has broken recently that pop culture and comic conventions are taking a step back, Square Egg Entertainment, the parent company behind Phoenix Comicon, is actually expanding. No, it’s not in New Mexico or California, it’s actually in Minnesota. Minnesota Fan Fest is being held August 19-20, 2017 in St. Paul according to both the website and Facebook page. 

The key thing here is they are the managing firm for Minnesota Fan Fest, much in the same vein they are the managing firm for local con Keen Halloween. What that means is kind of up in the air but it could be that the con is a shared partnership with someone else but Square Egg puts it together, much like Keen. Not a lot of other details are available, just a few pics of expected comic guests such as Dan Jergens and Bob Layton. Also, no word on if this has any impact on the rumor going around that Phoenix Fan Fest WILL NOT be returning next year. 

Could the Phoenix and Arizona market be drying up? It certainly has its fair share of conventions across the state…