A Look At The Alamo Drafthouse Chandler

Phoenix is the 4th largest grossing box office market in the United States and we now get to experience a growing brand in the theater industry: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. I was invited to the media sneak peek of the new Alamo Drafthouse Chandler located at 4955 S. Arizona Ave.

The theater was originally planned to be located in Downtown Chandler but it never panned out which worked as the new location provided room for 9 theaters instead of 6, plus ample parking. Here are a few key notes about the theater

  • Opens , December 2nd
  • 100% reserved seating w/ in theater service
  • 9 screens with seating ranging from 48 seats to 168
  • Oversized traditional theater leather seats
  • Lots of local beers on draft
  • All food made to order, many of the produce and ingredients are locally bought
  • Movies goers who talk/text will be removed
  • Children under the age of 6 not permitted unless for special events that notates otherwise

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