Yesterday, it was announced that Phoenix Fan Fest will be offering reserved seating for several of their larger panels. The cost is $15 per panel and guarantees you’ll have a seat up front. The news was greeted with joy and trepidation as some were glad it would take the waiting game out of the equation but for others, they wouldn’t be rewarded with the best seats for dedicating time to get into the room.

With the announcement, it left attendees wondering about some of the details of the program. I reached out to Jillian Squires, the Marketing Director for Phoenix Comicon and Phoenix Fan Fest to bring you some of those details.

On the subject of where the seats are located and how they are identified:

The seats will be in the front of the room and will be roped off with signs for Guaranteed Seating only, we will also have a few staff there to help guide people to the seats.”

On the subject of just how many seats will be roped off:

It is a small portion of the room, the first several rows, while we are capping the sales at a pretty low number we will only rope off the amount of seats that are sold for a particular panel. This is why we are only doing pre-sales and no on-site sales. This way we know ahead of time how many people have bought and we can set aside the right amount of seats (with a small buffer) without leaving large sections of seating empty.”

On the subject of clearing the room and the clearing the reserved section:

With only 4 panels in Ballroom 120A, 2 on each day and several hours apart we will be clearing the room between panels to reset the guaranteed seating section. This will only take place in this room.

Hopefully this helps answer a few questions about the reserved seating. The biggest take away is that the room will indeed be cleared after the panels in Ballroom 120A. Thanks again to Jillian for the response and as always, make sure to follow Legion of Sand on Twitter for more Phoenix Fan Fest updates as well as more AZ cons!