I go through a phase every year right after San Diego Comic-Con.

“I’m done, this is my last year”

Not because I had some terrible experience or felt slighted or anything. The con is exhausting. Plain and simple. To do anything requires dedication, time management, relying on others, it is very taxing; both mentally and physically. Many a visit to SDCC for me ends in very little sleep, few meals, and feet ready to fall off which is all in the name of trying to have the most memorable experience ever. This was the year that I wasn’t going to let that happen and you know what? It worked.

I had a great time at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Even with the impending doom about how RFID badges were going to work (besides Thursday where they had a hiccup in the morning, it ran pretty smooth), how crazy was Hall H going to be, how do I get exclusives, it all worked out for me. What’s me secret? Just avoid those things.

Yes, avoid the things that cause so many people, so many headaches.

I avoided Hall H on Friday and Saturday, I wasn’t willing to commit not one, but almost two days to Hall H. You give up the day prior and you give up the day of. I’ve done it before and I think once was enough. Those exclusives? Pass. A lot of the exclusives were available for pre-order or post con. The one exclusive I did purchase, the Beerius Funko Pop!, I walked right up to the Funimation booth and bought it, a whole two minutes of my weekend.

I didn’t run from one end of the convention center to other in a mad dash to get an autograph, or get in line for a freebie. I walked casually around the con just enjoying the sights and I loved it. I attended one panel at SDCC, Teen Titans Go! on Thursday morning, got in line 45 minutes before the panel and unlike years past, I wasn’t that far back in line, got good seats, and had a fun experience with my son who loves the show.

What helped in all of this has already kind of been documented, the amount of offsites throughout the downtown area helped spread the massive gathering of attendees. I attended a half dozen offsites through out the weekend and not one was overly packed. I think we’ve finally gotten to the point where things in the past that have been a long, long wait are now just a long wait (a few exceptions like Hall H, Game of Thrones experience, etc).

This write up isn’t to brag or anything, I wasn’t going to let the con beat me this year and I wanted to share with everyone that you can still have a great time and survive. I still had celebrity encounters, I still saw friends, the fun stuff still happened but this time around I can safely say

“Bring on 2017”

I’ll have more photos from my trip to San Diego Comic-Con 2016 soon, in the mean time, make sure to follow Legion of Sand on Twitter.