San Diego Comic-Con already seems like it was 4 months ago, the week blurs by and before you know it, you’re heading home after an amazing experience. One of the highlights was the events put on by truTV’s Impractical Jokers. When it was announced that the show would be having a few events in San Diego during SDCC such as a Impractical Jokers Block Party and a Hall of Impractical Jokers, I knew it was going to be blast and fun experience to cover. Let’s recap some of the weekend activities:

The Block Party

On Saturday, truTV threw a block party in celebration of the Impractical Jokers. This installation took over The Park at Petco Park and featured plenty to see and do including a few events inspired by particular episodes of Impractical Jokers including a “Field of Screams” and a “walk a tightrope” experience. The event also had branded bottles of water, candy, and other IJ swag to the delight of everyone who attended.

The event also featured an autograph session with the Jokers themselves as well a sneak peek of a never been seen episode which ended up being hilarious. The treat of the night was being able to attend a press Q&A with Joe, Murr, Q, and Sal. They spoke about the ease of filming in Manhattan, fan appreciation, and some of the behind the scenes activities that viewers don’t get to see. I have included an audio clip of the question I was able to ask all four Jokers with their response. A big thanks to the Jokers themselves as well as the crew who made this possible.

Hall of Impractical Jokers

The other installation was the Hall of Impractical Jokers which took over Dick’s Last Resort for three days. This museum was an homage to the Impractical Jokers which featured memorable artifacts and props from various episodes of the show. The installation featured plenty of photo worthy setups, a limited time “Scoopski Mashed Potato” bar as well as several IJ themed games attendees could play.


Thanks again to everyone at truTV and the Impractical Jokers crew for making this happen. Make sure you check out the show every week on Thursday night at 10:00PM for their fifth season!