We are days away from the start of Anime Expo in Los Angeles and you can expect plenty of cosplay photos during the con on the Legion of Sand Twitter feed. I won’t be at AX but I’ve got a friend covering the show with Legion of Sand media credentials. I want to talk about one of my favorite things about attending a con, and that is food options.

A buddy of mine introduced me to the owner of the Okamoto Kitchen Food Truck, a truck specializing in Japanese comfort food. Now, I don’t make it a habit of just writing an article to promote a business, much less a food business, but I really respect what these guys are doing and I wanted to help get the word out.

Okamoto Kitchen isn’t sushi and it isn’t chicken teriyaki but it is unique Japanese food. Check out their video that explains their background and what they’re trying to accomplish and if you’re at AX, maybe give them a try as they will be at the con as well. You can also check out their website for menu options.